Memorable Picture of Pakistan German Press Club.


In 2010, pakistani journalists living in Germany decided to have a platform that would be center of welfare and unity of Pakistani community in Germany. In the leadership of Muzaffar ul Hassan Sheikh, a meeting of working journalists was called by Saleem Pervaiz Butt. In that meeting, it was decided to found Pakistan German Press Club. The club was registered later in Germany with all the members of press club getting exclusive entry to all major events held in Germany and worldwide. Most of the members are representing reknown pakistani news channels, newspapers and electronic media. From the beginning, Pakistan German Press Club is trying it's best just not to fulfill their duty as journalist but also organising events for the welfare of Pakistani community.

Saleem Pervaiz Butt, is the second elected President and founding member of Pakistan German Press Club. He is the most experienced pakistani journalist in Germany and had worked for famous news channels like, ARY New, TV One and currently is the Bureau Chief of Waqt News Germany. He worked together with Muzaffar ul Hassan Sheikh for Geo News. Saleem Pervaiz Butt had the privileged of covering the most prestigious events in Germany like International Security Conference, Afghan Security Conference, German Parliament and Ministries and Pakistan Government official visits. He is also the owner of first Urdu Pakistani Newspaper in Germany.


Saleem Parvaiz Butt


A Registered Organization of Media Professionals

Syed Iqbal Haider

Vice President:Syed Iqbal haider a career journalist and a creative Social Worker. He is a famous poet and writer of 13 books . “Journalists from Pakistan need a collective and easily available forum for their interests.

Syed Rizwan Shah

Secretary General:Syed Rizwan started writing when he was still a student at Gujrat College. He wrote for Jareeda ganj Shakar at that time. After graduating he worked for The Shanepakistan which was a leading Online newspaper from Germnay.

Nazar Hussain

Senior Vice President :Nazar Husssain is a Pakistani journalist Photographer. He is Chief Editor of Shanepakistan, Nazar Hussain, who has worked as a Photographer journalist for nearly thirty years, He is a Journalist Who Researches, Writes, and Reports on Information to Present in sources

Atta-ur-Rehman Ashraf

Vice President:he Worked for Masswat ,which was a leading evening newspaper from Pakistan.Then he worked for Daily Abtak which is an Pakistani Newspaper. He is also the bureau chief of Abtak.

Pakistan Geramn press club is an organization for journalists and others professionally engaged in the production and dissemination of news. Pakistan German press club whose membership is defined by the press of a given country may be known as a National Press Club of that country

The Pakistan German Press Club is a professional organization for journalists and communications professionals. It is located in Frankfurt (Germany),Its membership consists of journalists, former journalists, government information officers, and those considered to be regular news sources. It is well known for its gatherings with invited speakers from public life as well as a venue open to the public to host business meetings, news conferences, industry gatherings and social events.